First of all I would like to let everyone know that I still plan to open the gallery in some kind of capacity for public viewing, there are still cels in my possession that will hopefully will remain at that.

Second, the password for the "PRIVATE VIEWING" section is "Welcomein" so you can enjoy some of the cels that were part of my collection for the longest time, none of these cels are for sale, none.

Third, would like to emphasize one more time that none of the cels that are part of the Private Viewing are for sale, those are old cels that had been part of my gallery at one point. Please don't ask for any of them. Thanks

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None of the cels that are part of the PRIVATE VIEWING are for sale, those are old pieces of mine that I can only show privately due to Rubberslug rules.....Please don't ask for any of those, there is no sale. Thanks


I am retiring from the hobby, it has been fun and a very long run for me. I have been a collector for almost a good 20 years and time has really passed quickly....I find myself still looking at the auctions but without really the drive, time or passion to keep doing it all.

Introspectively I am happy with most of my pieces but now I am more focused on reaching my final goal of getting to 100 cels, that means that there is still room to sell some cels so that is what I will do in my other website. Check it out if you want and thanks again to all visitors, friends and fellow collectors, it was fun.

Email address is


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